Bài tập Hoàn thành câu - Mệnh đề trạng ngữ rút gọn thể chủ động

3/4/2019 12:00:00 AM
Bài tập Hoàn thành câu - Mệnh đề trạng ngữ rút gọn thể chủ động nhằm mục đích ôn thi đại học môn Tiếng Anh.

_______ the distance was too far and the time was short, we decided to fly there instead of going there by train.

  • To discover
  • Discovered
  • To have discovered
  • Discovering

_______ the table, Mr. Robert called the family for support.

  • Being laid
  • Having laid
  • Have laid
  • Having lying

______ the lesson well, Adrian couldn't answer the teacher's question.

  • Didn't prepare
  • Having prepared
  • Preparing not
  • Not preparing

_____, Khalid found $10 on the sidewalk.

  • To walk to class
  • He had walked to class
  • While walking to class
  • Walked to class

______, Maria decided to exchange them for a different color.

  • Purchased the shoes
  • After purchasing the shoes
  • To purchase the shoes
  • On purchasing the shoes

_____, Mark has learned much more English and made new friends.

  • Though come to Los Angeles
  • Come to Los Angeles
  • Unless coming to Los Angeles
  • Since coming to Los Angeles

______, Alexa purchased a textbook and dictionary.

  • Before beginning the new class
  • Begin the new class
  • Begun the new class
  • Be beginning the new class

______, she applied for a job and then got married.

  • Upon graduating from university
  • Have graduated from university
  • Graduated from university
  • Had graduated from university

______, I've lived in the same house and worked for only one company.

  • Have come to this city
  • Come to this city
  • Since coming to this city
  • Since come to this city

______, Tom stayed late at work and had instant noodles for dinner.

  • Have had extra work to do
  • Have extra work to do
  • Just had extra work to do
  • Having extra work to do

_____, I now have difficulty in walking or carrying heavy things.

  • I have my back injured yesterday
  • Having injured my back yesterday
  • To have injured my back yesterday
  • Had injured my back yesterday

_____, she failed the exam yesterday and had to retake the course.

  • Not having studied well
  • She hasn’t studied well
  • Didn’t study well
  • Hadn’t studied well

______, I watched the news on TV and did 20 minutes of exercise.

  • To eat breakfast
  • Eaten breakfast
  • Before eating breakfast
  • I was eating breakfast

_______, I made a cup of tea and cooked breakfast.

  • Listened to the news
  • While listening to the news
  • Have listened to the news
  • I was listening to the news

_______, she refused to hang out with her friends and went to the library.

  • Needing studying for the exam
  • Needed to study for the exam
  • She has needed to study for the exam
  • Needing to study for the exam

_____, he didn’t want to go again.

  • Having been to that museum before
  • To have been to that museum before
  • Been to that museum before
  • On being to that museum before

_____, she was able to return home earlier than she'd expected.

  • To receive expedited service
  • Received expedited service
  • Having received expedited service
  • She has received expedited service

_____, I have gone to Paris several times.

  • I have moved to France
  • Since moving to France
  • Moved to France
  • While moving to France

_______, I thought about my friends in Italy.

  • Fallen asleep
  • Had fallen asleep
  • I have fallen asleep
  • Falling asleep

_____, she gave it to the boss and went to the gym.

  • She has finished the report
  • Upon finishing the report
  • Finished the report
  • To finish the report

________, we got our fishing poles and went to the lake.

  • Waken up
  • Before waking up
  • On waking up
  • To have woken up

_____, he left the room and closed the door silently.

  • Not wanting to disturb her
  • Not have wanted to disturb her
  • Not wanted to disturb her
  • He hasn’t wanted to disturb her

_______, she called the teacher and asked for some help.

  • Didn’t understand the question
  • Not have understood the question
  • Not understood the question
  • Not understanding the question