20 câu hỏi đánh giá năng lực HS lớp 5 lên lớp 6

4/4/2019 10:47:24 PM
20 câu hỏi đánh giá năng lực HSG tiếng Anh lớp 5, thuộc tài liệu chia sẻ cộng đồng miễn phí của Ms Mai Anh (GV Chuyên Anh, email:  msmaianhenglish@gmail.com)

A sailing boat can move thanks mainly to the power of _____.

  • water current
  • wind
  • sunshine
  • gasoline
Fiber (chất xơ) in some kinds of food is necessary for the digestive system (hệ tiêu hóa) to work normally. We need to eat enough food rich in fiber. The kinds of food rich in fiber are ________.
  • rice, corn
  • eggs, milk
  • fruits, vegetables
  • meat, fish

After being out in the sun for quite some time, we should _____.

  • drink some iced water immediately
  • take a cool bath immediately
  • take a rest under a shade
  • drink some really hot water immediately

I am going to Cau Giay ________, Ha Noi.

  • Secondary School
  • Primary School
  • High School
  • Independent School

Nasreddin Hodja earned his living selling eggs. One day someone came into his shop and said, “Hodja, guess what I have in my hand.” “Give me a clue,” said the Hodja. “I’ll give you several,” the visitor said and added: “It has the shape of an egg, the size of an egg; it looks like an egg, tastes like an egg, and smells like an egg. Inside it is yellow and white. It is liquid before it is cooked and becomes thick when heated. The last clue I’ll give you is that it was laid by a hen.” “Aha,” said the Hodja. “I know what you’ve got. It must be some sort of cake!”

Which is true according to the text?
  • Nasreddin is very clever.
  • Nasreddin works at a shop.
  • Nasreddin wanted to buy an egg.
  • The visitor gave the egg to Nasreddin.
Choose the best title for the text?
  • Hen and egg
  • Business
  • Wrong Clue
  • Simple-minded Nasreddin
What does the word “several” in the text refer to?
  • eggs
  • hens
  • money
  • clues

Which continent is the most populous in the world?

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Australia

Which sentence explains why the Sun appears to rise and set each day?

  • The Sun revolves around Earth.
  • The Sun rotates.
  • Earth rotates.
  • Earth revolves around the Sun.

Jane really loves the _____ jewelry box that her parents gave her as a birthday present.

  • wooden brown nice
  • nice wooden brown
  • brown wooden nice
  • nice brown wooden

Why people say: "Asia has enough climatic zones from tropical, temperate to frigid"?

  • Because Asia has the largest area of continents.
  • Because Asia stretches from West to East.
  • Because Asia stretches from the North to the equator.
Why is the elephant in the song "The elephant in Ban Don" called a child?
  • Eating ham
  • Playing
  • Not having elephant’s tusk yet

Amsterdam school in Ha Noi is _______ Hoang Minh Giam Street.

  • in
  • under
  • at
  • between

Ha Noi mostly lies on the right bank of the _____.

  • Red River
  • Hau River
  • Ma River
  • Da River

“Tết nguyên đán”in Viet Nam is called _________.

  • The Chinese Lunar New Year
  • Vietnamese Lunar New Year
  • Vietnamese Family Day
  • New Year
You are now living in Vietnam, which number do you dial when you need to call the firefighters in case of a fire?
  • 113
  • 114
  • 115
  • 116

Where is “Old Quarter” in Viet Nam?

  • Hai Phong city
  • Ha Noi Capital
  • Binh Dinh Province
  • Ho Chi Minh city

Which energy is limited?

  • Biogas
  • Solar Energy
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Coal Energy

The mosquito kills more people than any other animal in Africa. What is the second most dangerous African animal?

  • Lion
  • Crocodile
  • Hippopotamus
  • Rhinoceros
Some useful ways to practise your target language are _______.
  • listening to the radio and watching TV in the language.
  • reading books in the language.
  • seeing films in the language.
  • all are correct.