Đề thi thử vào lớp 6 do Amslink cung cấp #5

6/6/2019 6:22:00 AM
Đề thi này (đã có giải thích đáp án chi tiết) được cung cấp bởi Amslink English Centre – Trung tâm đào tạo Tiếng Anh cho trẻ từ 5 đến 15 tuổi - được chứng nhận bởi Hội đồng khảo thí Cambridge English UK. Liên hệ: http://amslink.edu.vn - Hotline: 0247 305 038

Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

  • bicycle
  • cactus

  • careful
  • document

Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

  • hill
  • drip
  • ship
  • wild

Choose the odd one out.

  • enjoy
  • like
  • love
  • meet

Choose the odd one out

  • winter
  • snow
  • fall
  • summer

Choose the word that is different from the rest.

  • mushroom
  • onion
  • egg
  • pasta

Choose the right answer
I’m going to ____ to Peter about the party.

  • speak
  • say
  • chat
  • tell

Tania had a _____ breakfast then rode her bike to the pool.

  • short
  • fast
  • quick
  • ready

Choose the right answer
If you want to enter the race, just fill ____ the form.

  • in
  • on
  • away
  • with

Choose the right answer
There isn’t much ______ in the evenings in my town.

  • entertainer
  • entertainment
  • entertain
  • entertaining

Choose the right answer
The____ was very friendly. He made me less nervous.

  • examiner
  • examinee
  • examination
  • exam

I don’t have _____ money, so I’ll have to wait to get a new coat.

  • a piece of
  • a few
  • much
  • many

Choose the right answer
How many _____ do you have?

  • scarves
  • scarfs
  • scarf
  • scarvs

I called ____ you about my new job.

  • tell
  • to tell
  • telling
  • told

Why are you wearing slippers? You ____ wear trainers for PE lessons!

  • have to
  • can
  • could
  • must

If I feel cold in the winter, I _____ a hot bath.

  • have
  • ‘ll have
  • would have
  • had

We didn’t say a word ____ the film because we wanted to focus on it.

  • during
  • until
  • for
  • after

Choose the right answer

It was a new experience. I _____ an overnight train before.

  • have never had
  • wasn’t having
  • had never had
  • would never have

Leon never _____ about it, but he was once a world champion skier.

  • talks
  • is talking
  • was talking
  • talk

Claire hasn’t finished her homework _____.

  • already
  • ever
  • just
  • yet

Choose the right answer

____ that crossword for over an hour and you still haven’t finished it!

  • You’ve done
  • You’d done
  • You’re doing
  • You’ve been doing

Fill in each blank with ONE word only.

Dear Monika,

I’m having a great holiday in Spain. There’s so to do on our campsite. There is a games room, a pool, and a place play tennis and football. And it’s close to the sea where we can go swimming every day. There is a famous castle about 5 km from here. It is 1000 years old. Mum and Dad want to go and see tomorrow. Then on Tuesday, we plan to rent bicycles and for a ride in the countryside. I’ll call you when I get back and you can tell all about your holiday!



Living small Jay Shater’s home is small but it has everything he needs to live comfortably. On the ground floor, there’s a kitchen, a tiny bathroom with a toilet, and a room which he uses as a living room, work area, and dining room. Upstairs there’s a double bedroom.  Everyone asks Jay why he wants to live like this. “When I was a teacher, I lived in a big apartment. It had lots of rooms that I never used but still had to clean them and pay for them,’ he explains. “So I decided to build myself a small house. It took me about two months, with some help from my friends.’ People were very interested in his new way of life. His story was told on TV and in newspapers and magazines all over the US. Now Jay has a new job, building little houses for other people. Not everyone lives in them of course - they put them in the garden or use them as holiday homes.

Jay has everything except _____. 

  • a bathroom
  • a work area
  • a playroom

Jay’s bedroom is big enough for _____. 

  • one person
  • two people
  • three people
How long did Jay spend building his house?
  • about two months
  • three months
  • He didn’t say
Did he build the house by himself?
  • Yes
  • No
  • He didn’t say.
What does he do?
  • a teacher
  • a journalist
  • none of the above

Write a short paragraph from 6 to 8 sentences (about 70 words) about your last family vacation. Use the following points as a guide.

● Where did your family go on a trip last year?

● What kind of place is it?

● Where did you stay? What did you do? Write 3 things and explain.

● How do you feel about your vacation?

(TiengAnhK12 không thiết kế chỗ để bạn nhập bài viết tự do này. Bạn hãy làm ra giấy nhé. Tham khảo đoạn viết mẫu dưới đây.)

Vacation on an island

Last summer my family went to Hilton Head Island on vacation. It is a small resort island. We stayed in a nice hotel for a week. Every day we went to the beach, sunbathed and built sand castles there. We enjoyed watching many colorful fishes swimming freely in the water. On the last day, we rented bikes and went biking around the island. We had such a great time, and I hope we go back there again soon.