Toefl Primary Step 1 > Book 2 > Unit 4: New Friends

8/1/2019 10:29:00 PM
Bài luyện nghe bổ trợ chủ đề Personality của Toefl Primary Step 1 Book 2 Unit 4. Nguồn:

Listen to Tom and his father talking about Tom’s friends and choose the best answers.

Patrick has short, brown, straight hair.

  • TRUE

Who is a talkative person?

  • Tom’s teacher
  • Patrick
  • Marcel

Tom says Patrick ….

  • is short
  • likes him
  • is tall

Who looks like Harry Potter?

  • Marcel
  • Tom
  • Patrick

Tom and …like to talk about video games at lunch.

  • Dad
  • Patrick
  • Marcel

What are Tom and Dad going to do?

  • play a game
  • go shopping
  • go out

Dad: Hey, Tom, tell me. Do you have any new friends in school this year?

Tom: Yup.

Dad: Well, tell me about them. What are their names?

Tom: Well, there’s Patrick and then there’s Marcel.

Dad: Tell me about Patrick first. What does he ?

Tom: Oh, I don’t know. He’s got short, black, , like me, but he’s a little than I am.

Dad: And ’s he like? What kind of person is he?

Tom: He’s pretty . He’s always telling jokes in class. Sometimes the teacher gets , though, because he’s so in class.

Dad: I hope you don’t talk too much in class!

Tom: No, I don’t. I don’t have to. Patrick just keeps on talking and talking ….

Dad: And so, tell me about Marcel. What does he look like?

Tom: He’s a lot than Patrick. And he has brown hair, a , and he wears glasses. I think he looks like Harry Potter.

Dad: Hey, can he do magic?

Tom: Who? Harry Potter?

Dad: No, your friend, Marcel.

Tom: Uh, maybe, … I don’t know!

Dad: And so, what kind of person is Marcel?

Tom: He’s , I guess. We both like to play video games. And we always talk about video games at lunch.

Dad: Video games, huh? Hey, … Mom’s out shopping right now. So, um, do you want to play that new video game that you got last week? What’s it called … Minecraft, or something like that?

Tom: Okay!