Đề thi thử vào lớp 6 ngày 25/4/2020 của trường Archimedes

5/14/2020 8:43:00 AM

Năm 2020, trường Archimedes tổ chức 02 đợt thi thử online dành cho các học sinh dự tuyển vào trường: Đợt 1 vào Thứ Bảy, ngày 25/04/2020 và đợt 2 vào Chủ nhật, ngày 10/05/2020.

Đây là đề thi thử đợt 1, có giải thích đáp án chi tiết bởi Tổ GV THCS của TiengAnhK12.

Which word has the part in CAPITAL LETTERS pronounced differently from the rest?

  • CHildren
  • riCH
  • CHange
  • CHemistry

Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

  • wishes

  • practices

  • activities

  • beaches

Choose the word that is different from the rest.

  • correct
  • accurate
  • true
  • wrong

Choose the word that is different from the rest.

  • harbour
  • station
  • bridge
  • airport

Peter’s father ____, but Bill’s father ____ smoke.

  • smokes/don’t
  • smokes/doesn’t
  • smoke/don’t
  • smoke/isn’t

Max didn’t ____ yesterday afternoon, he ____ at home.

  • go out/stayed
  • go out/stays
  • went out/stayed
  • went out/stay

Jessica is as tall _____ her mother.

  • as
  • like
  • than
  • more

Shop assistants work _____, but they don’t earn much money.

  • harder
  • hardly
  • hard
  • hardest

You ____ come with me if you don’t want to. I’ll go on my own.

  • must
  • should
  • may
  • don’t have to

There are many good _____ in our body to help us digest and break down food.

  • viruses
  • cells
  • bacteria
  • disease

When you sneeze, you first _____ air into your body quickly, and then the pressure in your chest increases.

  • exhale
  • shrink
  • live
  • inhale

Jack used his _____ cup to drink tea this morning.

  • new China coffee
  • new coffee China
  • coffee new China
  • China new coffee

He bought a _____ sweater for his mom’s birthday.

  • British red woolen
  • British red grey
  • red woolen British
  • red British woolen

When I arrived at the party, there were many people there. First, I saw Bill, _____ near the bar. Beyonce was with some friends and was singing her latest song.

  • talked to some men in Spanish
  • who was drinking a bottle of vodka
  • drank a glass of red wine
  • and were chatting about our next party.

Mrs Knowles and her three sons were driving from Perth to Adelaide one morning. When she saw a light flashing on the road ahead, she slowed down _____. Suddenly, a strange light seemed to be on the top of the car, sucking it up off the road before dropping it down again.

  • agreeing to inspect the old car
  • thinking that the driver must have been tired
  • feeling scared and under control
  • thinking that it was a traffic signal

Correct each word in parentheses ( ) for spelling and in quotations marks “ ” for grammar.

Ben was afraid (1) “to” going to school because of Brad. Brad was a school (2) (buly). He often (3) (terrrified) the other students at school. Ben was much (4) “small”, so Brad picked (5) “to” him. Ben (6) (consirdered) telling his teacher, but he was afraid that Brad would become really (7) “anger” with him. Ben’s mother was (8) (fuwroius) when she knew about this. She (9) “gone” to school with Ben to see his principal. Brad was (10) “surprising” to see Ben’s mother, he didn’t think Ben would dare tell his mom. In the principal’s office. Brad (11) (appolorgizered) and promised he (12) “won’t” do it again.

"to" =>

(buly) =>

(terrrified) =>

"small" =>

"to" =>

(consirdered) =>

"anger" =>

(fuwroius) =>

"gone" =>

"surprising" =>

(appolorgizered) =>

"won't" =>

Correct each word in parentheses ( ) for spelling and in quotions marks “ ” for grammar.

Every (1) “children” (2) “liked” to watch a clown. This is because clowns look (3) “amuse” in (4) “his” costumes, an (5) (ernormos) wig and the (6) (sinagtrue) red nose. Peals of laughter are (7) (otfen) heard (8) (whenervor) a clown is around. A clow’s (9) (fatial) expressions never (10) “fails” to lift a child’s spirit. However, some children don’t like clowns because they may sometimes (11) “looks” scary. Nowadays, clowns even (12) (apeer) in (13) (horer) movies.

"children" =>

"liked" =>

"amuse" =>

"his" =>

(ernormos) =>

(sinagtrue) =>

(otfen) =>

(whenervor) =>

(fatial) =>

"fails" =>

"looks" =>

(apeer) =>

(horer) =>