Đề thi thử số 2 vào lớp 6 môn Tiếng Anh trường Archimedes theo cấu trúc năm 2020

6/2/2020 5:14:00 PM

Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

  • machine

  • match

  • teacher

  • church

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest.
  • apply
  • career
  • account
  • carriage

Choose the word that is different from the rest.

  • clever
  • brave
  • read
  • kind

Choose the word that is different from the rest.

  • toilet
  • library
  • kitchen
  • bedroom

_____ Nga was tired, she finished washing the clothes for her mom.

  • So
  • But
  • Because
  • Although

I _____ trouble _____ I bought it.

  • have had/ for
  • had/ for
  • have had/ since
  • have/ since

She wears _____ gold jewellery.

  • few
  • a lot
  • lots of
  • many

On the way to the office, he often stops _____ a newspaper.

  • to buy
  • buying
  • buy
  • having bought

The manager is directly responsible _____ the efficient running of the office.

  • in
  • for
  • about
  • at

She speaks English _____ as her friend does.

  • as good
  • as well
  • better than
  • so well as

Michael's sister told him it didn't _____ what present he gave her.

  • prefer
  • mind
  • matter
  • happen

I'll have to get _____ the car. I think I'm going to be sick.

  • on
  • out
  • out of
  • down

It was unusual for Dennis to be late.

The word which is opposite in meaning to the underlined word is _______.

  • different
  • common
  • funny
  • curious

Books and reading are very important part of education. If you go into someone's house in the modern world, __________ full of books that they like to read. 

  • they will often show you a big wardrobe
  • they will usually have some sort of bookshelf
  • you can see an adorable living room
  • you hardly see many bookshelf

When John Mills was going to fly in an airplane for the first time, ___________. He did not like the idea of being thousands of feet up in the air. "I also didn't like the fact that I wouldn't be in control," says John.

  • he was frightening
  • he was exciting
  • he was interested
  • he was frightened

Correct each word in bold for spelling and each underlined word for grammar. Write your answers in the box.

What does the word “house” mean to you? A house is a shelter for people to live in. It protects us out danger and bad waethar. We do many thing in a house. We sat, wash, sleep, and resting there. A house also provides wanderfull memories for each family. Look around your room. You might find an mark on the wall that shows how much you have grow, or some coffee staints on the carbet. When you visit your friend's house next time, try finding a story like that around the house.

out =>  an =>
waethar => grow =>
thing => staints=>
resting => carbet =>
wanderfull => finding =>


Correct each word in bold for spelling and each underlined word for grammar. Write your answers in the box.

The young couple has just returned from a two-week honeymoon spent in an authentic Scottish scalte. Both the newly-weds are big travel lovers and Richard hopes this will continue. "I would like to go traveling as most as possible together. Traveling with someone else is such a sharing experience. I think it's sad to experience all the wonderful places in the world and have no-one else there." Victoria also has another great travel ambision that she might have to do alone. "I have always been fascinated by safari and my real wish is to go on safari. Richard has not interest in lifewild though."

scalte =>

most =>

ambision =>

lifewild =>

not =>