TOEFL Junior Practice Test 16 - Language form and meaning (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

6/13/2020 8:16:00 AM

Hi Brian,

Thanks for sending me our school soccer team's practice . I printed it out and put it on my bedroom wall I can easily see it. It says that the first practice is next Saturday at 2 o'clock, so I was hoping we could go there together. my father gets home from work, I'll ask him if he can drive us to the soccer field. Anyway, I need to finish my science homework now, so let's talk about it tomorrow at school.

Your friend,


This Thursday, October 4th, the annual parent-teacher picnic . As always, all current students of Whitmore High and their parents are encouraged . Unlike previous picnics, however, this year's event is not taking place at Town Park. 
, we will be gathering across town at Carlsbad Lake Park. Shuttles will be available to students, parents, and teachers to and from the park. 

Do you enjoy to pop music or can you play a musical instrument? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you should join the school music club! We our first meeting this Friday, October 22nd, at 4:30 pm. It will be held on the third floor of the school Room 307. Students from all grades who want to cultivate their talent for music are

Neil Armstrong was an American astronaut who in 1930. As one of NASA's first astronauts, he began to space in 1966. But he is most famous for he did on July 21, 1969. He became the first person on the Moon! He landed on the Moon with two other astronauts in the Eagle, part of their spaceship. After stepping out onto the Moon, "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." These famous words are now known by people all around the world. Shortly after completing this mission, Armstrong made an that he was retiring from space flights. However, he continued to work with the space program, and was recently as the most popular space hero of all time in a Space Foundation survey. 

Dear Grandma,

The last time we spoke, I promised I would every week while I was away, so here's your first one! I just arrived at the English camp two days ago, but I love it . In some ways, it's to other summer camps. During the day, we swim in the lake, play fun games, and work on art projects. The only difference is in English! I like speaking English, but sometimes it's pretty hard to make the others exactly what I want to say. But nobody ever gets angry or with me. I think to practice speaking with nice people when learning a foreign language. That's why I think this will be ever!

The mammoth which is now extinct was an ancestor of the elephant. Scientists believe that the mammoths died several thousand years ago. They modern elephants, but were covered in long hair and had very large curved tusks. Most mammoths were about the same size as today's Asian elephants, but some were 16 feet and weighed up to 12 tons. No one is sure why the mammoths went extinct, but experts believe it was a combination of climate change and an increased number of human hunters. The bodies of some mammoths in good condition in cold areas. It is believed by some scientists that this will allow them mammoths in the future. If these scientists succeed, we may be able to visit a real life "Jurassic Park" someday! 

These days, most ships use sophisticated sonar systems and GPS to avoid in shallow water. But in the past, lighthouses were the only things that could be relied on for sailors when they were getting too close to land. These tall structures a light at the top have been used for thousands of years. The most impressive lighthouse of ancient times the Lighthouse of Alexandria. It was known for being the tallest building in the world hundreds of years. Early lighthouses used oil lamps and lenses that could be seen from far away. Today, high-tech devices such as GPS may be more effective, lighthouses are still used in some places to keep ships away from dangerous shores. These modern lighthouses use electric lamps that rotate a powerful beam of light in directions.