Đề minh họa bài thi vào lớp 6 môn Anh THCS Nguyễn Tất Thành theo cấu trúc năm 2018 - 2019 #2

2/10/2019 12:50:00 AM

Some of my friends sometimes skip breakfast _____ they get up late in the morning.

  • although
  • in spite of
  • because of
  • because

The people _____ were injured in the accident were taken to hospital.

  • which
  • who
  • whose
  • whom

If we _____ to pollute the water, we will have no fresh water to use.

  • continuing
  • continued
  • continue
  • to continue

The old man persisted _____ believing that his son was still somewhere in the city.

  • on
  • in
  • for
  • with

You will have to _____ your holiday if you feel too tired.

  • put down
  • put out
  • put off
  • put up

I wish my father _____ up smoking. It is too bad for his health.

  • gives
  • gave
  • give
  • will give

Many animals _____ for their fur or other valuable parts of their bodies.

  • are killed
  • being killed
  • killed
  • are killing
It is not easy to _____ our beauty when we get older and older.
  • develop
  • maintain
  • gain
  • collect

The judge found him _____ of stealing and sent him to prison.

  • evil
  • innocent
  • guilty
  • guiltless

A book may be studied by students as the _____ of a writing and analysis exercise in the form of a book report.

  • limit
  • time
  • subject
  • interest

We live on a _____ called _____.

  • moon - Earth
  • planet - the United States
  • star - the Sun
  • planet - Earth

A reptile is _____.

  • a kind of animal that has smooth, wet skin and lives in the water as a baby
  • a kind of animal that has dry, scaly skin and lays eggs on land
  • a kind of animal that has gills, scales, and lives in the water
  • a kind of animal that has feathers, wings, and lays eggs

What is freezing?

  • turning a gas into a liquid
  • turning a liquid into a gas
  • turning a liquid into a solid
  • turning a solid into a liquid

"I'd like two tickets for tonight."

- "_____."

  • I'll just check for you
  • Afternoon and evening
  • How much did you pay?
  • When will you come?

Mary and Susan are talking about a book they have just read.

Mary: "The book is really interesting and it's hard to put it down."

Susan: “_____”

  • I couldn't agree with you more.
  • It's alright.
  • Don't mention it.
  • That's nice of you to say so.

Susan: "What about collecting used paper, bottles and plastic bags every day?"

Tom: "_____"

  • Because they can pollute the environment.
  • How come? Who can do that?
  • That's a very good idea. Let's do that.
  • What about this weekend?

Read the passage and answer the questions.

Letter from camp

Dear Mom, Dad, Violet, and Max, 

Well, I’m here at sleep-away camp. This is my third day here. I have five bunkmates. That’s what they call the kids who sleep in your cabin. My bunkmates are all pretty cool. One boy is named Pepe. He says his name is short for Pepperoni. I don’t believe him. He caught a snake with his bare hands, so I don’t care if he’s a liar. One kid is named Lincoln. He’s got one blue eye and one brown eye. He can ride a unicycle - at least, he says he can. Another kid is named Mike. He has the top bunk over mine. He seems normal except for one thing. He slept through the whole first night here. The rest of us stayed up and told ghost stories. One story was about a ghost who used to go to this camp. It’s probably not a true story. Another one of my bunkmates is named Justin. His last name is Case. He likes to say things like “Justin Case, we get lost…”  Or “Justin Case we get hungry…” I would not want to have the name Justin Case! 

Our cabin is number 42. It’s on a hill. It’s not too far from the latrine. That’s a camp word that means “bathroom.” There’s no bath. We have outdoor showers. I don’t think you can really get your feet clean on a mud floor. The cabin is a long walk from the canteen. That’s where we eat. Mom, I miss your cooking. Dad, I even miss your cooking. Last night, we had beans and some sort of green sauce. For dessert, we roasted marshmallows. 

I told everybody that I had a sister named Violet. They thought that it was terrible to be named after a flower. Actually, Justin Case was the one who made fun of it. But he has no right to talk about weird names. 

It’s really dark here at night. There are no lights. I mean it’s really, really, dark. The air smells funny like a mix of Christmas trees and dirt. I like it. 

I hope Max doesn’t miss me too much. He would love to run around here chasing chipmunks and things. Well, I’m going to sign off. Please write. Send food.                                  



(Adapted from readworks.org)

The hints that the camp is not fancy include all the following except
  • tents.
  • a lack of bathtubs.
  • mud-floored outdoor showers.
We can assume Justin Case probably
  • doesn't like the names of anyone else.
  • is not as pleased with his name as he pretends to be.
  • is lying about his name.
The second half of Alex's letter repeats the idea that
  • the other kids are very friendly towards him.
  • he is unhappy to be stuck in the wood.
  • he likes the food at camp less than the food at home.

What does "sign off" mean?

  • stop writing
  • go to bed
  • move

Read the description and write the correct word in the blank.

A food that is used with other foods in the preparation of a particular dish. (10 letters):

Read the description and write the correct word in the blank.

A woman whose job is to bring the food to customers at their tables in a restaurant. (8 letters):

Read the description and write the correct word in the blank.

When you do this, you put furniture, a machine, or a piece of equipment into position and make it ready to use. (7 letters):

Fill in the missing word to complete the English proverb:

"It’s the first ____ that counts." (4 letters):