Đề ôn luyện chuyên Anh vào 10 Sở Hà Nội số 9 (Listening)

10/20/2020 1:38:00 PM

Listen to the audio and fill in the blanks. You can hear the audio TWICE

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer. 

The hunt for sunken settlements and ancient shipwrecks


was a village on coast of eastern Mediterranean

thrived until about 7,000 BC

stones homes had a courtyard

had a semicircle of large stones round a

cause of destruction unknown – now under the sea

biggest settlement from the prehistoric period found on the seabed

research carried out into structures, and human remains


used in the oil industry, e.g. to make

problems: they were expensive and


much easier to use, relatively cheap, sophisticated


Marzamemi, Sicily: found ancient Roman ships carrying architectural elements made of

Underwater internet:

is used for short distance communication, acoustic waves for long distance

plans for communication with researchers by satellite

AUV can send data to another AUV that has better , for example

Planned research in Gulf of Baratti:

to find out more about wrecks of ancient Roman ships, including:

- one carrying supplies; tablets may have been used for cleaning the

- others carrying containers of olive oil or

(Cambridge IELTS 14, Test 4)

Listen to the audio and fill in the blanks with the correct letters. You will hear the audio TWICE.

You will hear five short extracts in which British people are talking about living abroad.

While you listen, you must complete BOTH tasks.


For questions 1-2, choose from the list A-H each speaker’s present occupation.

A. business person

B. pensioner

C. doctor

D. farmer

E. diplomat

F. student

G. engineer

H. architect

Speaker 1:

Speaker 2:

Speaker 3:

Speaker 4:

Speaker 5:


For questions 6-10, choose from the list A-H the main advantage each speaker mentions about living where they do.

A. a beautiful language

B. friendly people

C. luxury accommodation

D. a good climate

E. interesting challenges

F. varied sports

G. a high salary

H. excellent food

Speaker 1:

Speaker 2:

Speaker 3:

Speaker 4:

Speaker 5:

(Listening C1, CAE 1, Test 2)