Tiếng Anh lớp 8 - Unit 8 - C. Speaking

8/29/2022 8:42:37 AM

Use one of the expressions below to respond to each statement/ question. 

1. - Comment allez-vous?
    - I'm sorry, .

2. - Do you think that you can book our tour to Myanmar?
    - !

3. - You mean you will do a research project on visitors to Sentoza and I will do one on those to the Night Safari?
    - .

4.  - Have you heard that John has been elected as the president of the school club?
     - ?

5. - How's your holiday?
    - . There's nothing interesting to do and no interesting places to go.

6. - Joan, we are going to China this summer and we'll probably be walking along the Great Wall.
    - . I've always wanted to do that.

Rearrange the sentences to make a complete conversation.

  • A. I visited my brother in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • B. Well… Auckland is the biggest city in the North Island of New Zealand, but it's not over-populated like Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh City.
  • C. Both!
  • D. Hi, Phong. Where have you been for so long? I haven't seen you around here for weeks.
  • E. Really? Tell me what it was like.
  • F. Sounds fantastic. I wish I...
  • G. What did you do while you were there?
  • H. Which do you mean? My holiday or Auckland?
  • I. A lot. I visited Howick Historical Village, where I could see how people lived in the past. I even sat in a one-room school, with tables of different heights and ink stains on the surfaces. I also spent a whole day in MOTAT, a museum displaying the history of transport in New Zealand.