Tiếng Anh lớp 7 - Unit 8 - D. Reading

3/3/2022 5:45:00 PM

Read about Ewan McGregor in his fans' blog and choose the correct answer for each of the gap.

Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor was born in Scotland in 1971. He decided to be an actor when he was only nine and he his first film in 1992. So far in his career he has in a lot of different types of films, including comedies, musicals, dramas and the Star Wars movies. His uncle, Denis Lawson, was in the original Star War in 1977 and McGregor in his first Star Wars movie 22 years later. In his career Ewan McGregor has worked with actresses like Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman, and his films have won lots of . He loves acting and when he finished the musical, Moulin Rouge, he said, 'I have never been happier to do anything in my life.'

Read the text about Kirsten Dunst and complete these question.

Kirsten Dunst was born in New Jersey, USA, in 1982. Her acting career began at the age of three when she appeared in her first TV advert. She made her film debut with a small part in Woody Allen's New York Stories (1989).

In 1994, she got her big break in Interview with the Vampire, performing with famous megastars Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Her performance as a creepy kid earned her a Golden Globe nomination, the MTV Award for Best Breakthrough Performance and the Saturn award for Best Young Actress.

Over the next few years, she starred in more hit movies including Little Women (1994), Jumanji (1995), the romantic Get Over It (2001) and Mona Lisa Smile with Julia Roberts (2003). However, her most successful films are the Spider-Man films (2002 and 2004) with Tobey Maguire, where she plays the part of superhero Spider-Man's girlfriend, Mary Jane.

1. Kirsten Dunst was born in .

2. Her first film was (1989).

3. She played the part of a kid in Interview with the Vampire.

4. She won the for Best Breakthrough Performance and the Saturn Award for Best Young Actress.

5. Her most successful films are the films (2002 and 2004).

Put the following paragraphs in the correct order.

A. Spider-Man 2 is a science fiction film set in the USA. It stars Tobey Maguire, my favourite actor. Spider-Man, who is also Peter Parker, has special spider-like powers. He can jump from building to building and make huge spider webs to save people. In this film, his adventures continue when he meets the evil Doc Ock, who has powers just like Spiderman. At the same time, Peter Parker is in love with Mary Jane, played by Kirsten Dunst, but he can't tell her because he has to keep Spider-Man a secret. I won't tell you what happens in case you want to watch it!

B. What about you? What type of films do you like?

Have you been to the cinema lately? What did you see? Write back and tell me.



C. Dear Nick,

How are you? I'm writing to tell you about the great film I saw last Saturday at the cinema. I went to see Spider-Man 2 with some friends.

D. Spider-Man 2 has a lot of fantastic action scenes and the stunts are amazing. The film also has romance - there's something for everyone. I think it is worth watching.