Đề thi thử trắc nghiệm môn Tiếng Anh vào 6 THCS NN đợt 1 năm 2022

5/1/2022 2:16:15 PM

Đề thi thử trắc nghiệm môn Tiếng Anh vào 6 THCS NN đợt 1 năm 2022 được nhà trường tổ chức vào ngày 06-03-2022. Đề thi được giải thích đáp án chi tiết. 

Minh and Dung _____ their bicycles to school each and every day.

  • ride
  • rode
  • are riding
  • will be riding

Jenny is capable _____ speaking three languages fluently.

  • about
  • at
  • of
  • for

English is the _____ language on one–fifth of the land area of the world.

  • office
  • official
  • officer
  • officially

Jenny was _____ when she realized that there was a hole in her pants. 

  • embarrassed
  • depressed
  • thrilled
  • impatient

Choose the correct answer in the box to complete the conversation. Write only the letter A-D in each blank.

A. They were pleased with my simplicity.

B. They welcome me heartily.

C. I was just thinking back on that memory.

D. What a meaningful Tet holiday! 

Jim: Hi Lan! Nice to see you again! How was your Tet holiday? 

Lan: I joined a group of volunteers and went with them to a village in Dien Bien.

Jim: Oh, would you tell me more about it?

Lan: We brought some gifts for Tet to the children there. My heart leapt with joy when I saw the kids' faces waiting for me.

Jim: Did you make friends with them?

Lan: Yes, I made friends with some of the girls. I stopped off at their houses and enjoyed their hospitality. 


Read the text and choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.

It's important for people to eat as much as they need to give them energy. If they eat too litte food or the wrong food, they won't have enough energy. If they eat too much, they will need to exercise more,  they will put on weight. When we eat the correct quantity of food for the exercise we get, we call this having an energy balance. Fat is very high calories, and so is no help at all in keeping an energy balance. Fat has also been with heart disease, and many experts believe that eating less would help to reduce it. Sugar isn't good for our energy balance either. The only value of the substance is to energy, and you can get that from other foods. There's no doubt that too much sugar makes you fat, and it doesn't do your teeth much good either. Fibre, on the other hand, is usually something that we eat too little of. One of the simplest ways of eating more fibre is to eat more bread,  wholemeal, granary, or high fibre bread. It's a good, cheap source of fibre and nutrients without too many calories. So, eat fewer fatty foods and eat more fibrous food. 


Read the text and questions below. For each question, choose the correct answer.

Many famous people often use the power of their celebrity to publicize certain global problems. However, one young Canadian boy didn’t need to use fame, TV or the Internet to make a difference. The story begins back in January 1998, when Ryan Hreljac was six years old and was sitting in class listening very carefully to his teacher. The teacher was explaining that there were people all over the world who were ill and dying because they didn’t have clean water. She also explained that in some parts of Africa people walked for hours to get water even if it was dirty water.

Ryan suddenly became aware that he simply had to walk out of his classroom and turn on a drinking fountain or tap, and he had clean water to drink whenever he wanted. It was the same at home. Until that moment, six-year-old Ryan had thought that this was the same for everyone in the world. As soon as he realized how different things were for so many people, especially children like him, he made a decision to do something about the situation.

Ryan thought he probably needed about $70 to build a well in Africa to provide clean water, so he helped his parents a bit more around the house to earn the extra cash. He worked very hard for four months until he had enough money. Armed with his $70, he headed to a local non-profit organization called Water Can, only to discover that he was actually going to need about $2,000 to build the well! But this didn’t put Ryan off, and he decided to start fundraising himself. He talked to local clubs, schools, and anyone else he could find to help him raise the money ho so desperately needed. Finally, in 1999 Ryan’s first well was built at a school in Uganda.

In 2001, Ryan’s family helped him to set up a charity called Ryan’s Well Foundation. Since then, the charity has raised thousands of dollars and helped communities set up more than 740 water projects and 990 latrines to provide much-needed clean water and improve sanitation to almost 790,000 people all over Africa and in other developing countries.


What is the passage mainly about? 

  • The benefits African people get from non-profit organizations
  • The action of a normal boy to solve a problem concerning water
  • The description of how Ryan Hreljac raises money for his charity
  • The number of water projects set up in Africa’s developing countries

What did Ryan Hreljac do after he understood the water situation in Africa? 

  • He spent much time examining the situation.
  • He wanted to find ways to deal with the issue.
  • He decided to send clean water to Africa.
  • He explained the problem to other students.

What did Ryan do to fund his idea at first? 

  • He asked his parents to lend him the money.
  • He got a part-time job for four months.
  • He started doing extra work around the house.
  • He asked other people at school to help.

What did Ryan do after he had earned $70? 

  • He approached a local charity for the next step.
  • He asked his parents to help send money to Africa.
  • He talked to a local authority on how to build a well.
  • He prepared a detailed plan for building the well.

Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the last paragraph? 

  • The establishment of the Ryan’s Well Foundation
  • The number of water projects helped by Ryan’s charity
  • The number of people benefiting from Ryan’s charity
  • The detailed description of how Ryan’s charity works

Choose the sentence that is CLOSEST in meaning to the following sentence.

Jimmy never takes any notice of his mom’s advice. 

  • Jimmy doesn’t know what to notice in his mom’s advice.
  • Jimmy doesn’t ever pay attention to what his mom suggests.
  • Jimmy doesn’t understand the advice his mom offers.
  • Jimmy doesn’t recognize when his mom is giving advice.

Choose the sentence that is CLOSEST in meaning to the following sentence.

At the end of his speech, the student thanked his parents. 

  • Before showing his thanks to his parents, the student finished his speech.
  • Being grateful to his parents, the student made a speech after all.
  • The student ended his speech by expressing his gratitude towards his parents.
  • The student found thanking his parents the best way to end his speech.

Choose the sentence that is CLOSEST in meaning to the following sentence.

There is no point taking an exam when you are not well-prepared. 

  • It’s no good sitting an exam unless you’re sufficiently prepared.
  • Taking an exam is useful as long as your preparations were good.
  • It’s advisable to take an exam unless you lack careful preparation.
  • Sitting an exam is definitely worth it as long as you have prepared.