Time to Talk 2 - Final Test

3/9/2021 3:40:00 PM

For each question, write the correct answer in the gap. Write one word or a number or a date or a time.

You will hear Kim asking for information about a talk at a library. 

Central Library Talk

Booking Form

First name: (0) Kim


Name of talk: Manga: the of Japanese comics

Date: Friday, July


Amount paid: £

Match the words with their opposites.

  • dread
  • exciting
  • expensive
  • talkative
  • weak
  • shy
  • stupid
  • modern
  • definitely

Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the box. Two words will not be used.

1. Our hotel room had a very bed, so I slept well.

2. If we win the , we’ll buy a big house on the beach.

3. There’s a(n) in the newspaper about the new shopping centre.

4. Peter missed his train because he was on the wrong .

5. My sister dresses really well. She always wears clothes.

6. When you a red light in your car, you have to stop.

7. I want to be healthier, so I plan to a gym.

8. I enjoy movies. They aren’t just for kids.

Sarah is _____ at chemistry than Susan.

  • good
  • well
  • better
  • best

My class has more students _____ hers.

  • than
  • as
  • as well as
  • as many as

Complete the second sentence using the word given that has the same meaning to the first. 

Mount Everest is higher than any other mountain in the world. (HIGHEST) 

=> Mount Everest .

Bill Gates is one of _____ men in the world.

  • the richest
  • richest
  • the richer
  • richer

Teaching young children is the _____ thing in Jimmy's life.

  • rewardest
  • most rewarding
  • more rewarding
  • most reward

Choose the correct answer.

He drives as_______ his father does.

  • careful as
  • more carefully
  • the most careful
  • carefully as

Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first.

Living in the countryside is more peaceful than living in the city. => Living in the city isn't.....

-"Excuse me, where is the post office?"

- "_____."

  • Let me see
  • About two hundred meters
  • Twenty minutes walk
  • Keep straight on for one mile

John is in Hanoi and wants to change some money. He asks a local passer-by the way to the bank.

- John: "Can you show me the way to the nearest bank, please?"

- Passer-by: "_____"

  • Not way, sorry.
  • Just round the corner over there.
  • Look it up in a dictionary!
  • There’s no traffic near here.

If Mr. Smith ______ me the job, I'd turn it down.

  • were offered
  • were to offer
  • is offering
  • were offer

I would send her a fax if I _____ her number.

  • know
  • knew
  • had known
  • could know

If I _____ rich, I _____ around the world.

  • be/travel
  • am/will travel
  • get/would travel
  • were/would travel

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

When my father was a student, he used to playing soccer after school.

  • When
  • was
  • playing
  • after school
I used to ____ a lot.
  • read
  • reading

Rewrite the sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the original one.

When he was young, he lived in Hanoi. => He used ..........

When I _____ home, my father _____ my mother with the cooking.

  • came - was helping
  • coming - was helping
  • come - helping
  • came - is helping

Anna _____ last night when the telephone _____.

  • slept-rang
  • slept - was ringing
  • was sleeping - rang
  • was sleeping - was ringing

She was walking home when the wind _____ her hat off.

  • blows
  • blew
  • would blow
  • has blown

A: Why are you putting those books in boxes?

B: I _____ them. I don't want them.

  • am going to sell
  • will sell

A: What's the largest city in the USA?

B: Hmm ... I don't know. Wait. I _____ my dad. 

  • am going to ask
  • will ask
Look. These T-shirts are fantastic! _____ two.
  • I'm going to get
  • I'll get

Read the passage. Then read the statements and circle true or false.

I grew up on a farm. A month ago, I moved to Chicago, one of the biggest cities in America. (Only New York and Los Angeles are bigger.) I came here to study at university. I quite like my teachers and my classmates, but I miss my home. 

It’s livelier here, but it’s hardly ever relaxing. And the city is much more expensive than my hometown. The people aren’t as friendly here. Also, my family and friends are far away.  

I would study in my hometown if I could. But there aren’t any universities there. In four years, I’m going to graduate and then move back to the countryside. I’m going to buy a farm and have a big family there. I’m looking forward to having a traditional life!

1. The writer used to live in the countryside.

2. He now lives in America’s largest city.

3. He thinks people in his new home are friendlier.

4. He’s probably not going to graduate.

5. He doesn’t want to live in a modern city in the future.