Time to Talk 1 - Grammar Test 2

3/25/2022 4:12:15 PM

My brother and I _____ at home last summer holiday.

  • didn’t are
  • wasn’t
  • weren’t
  • not were

When she _____ her mistake, she apologized.

  • realized
  • realize
  • was realizing
  • has realized

Put the verb in the bracket into the correct tense or form.

They this house five years ago. (build) 

Give the correct form of the verb in the bracket.

Susan (not catch) the last bus home last night.


Give the correct form of the verb in the brackets.

In the 1960s, many university and college students (wear)  jeans.

The Sears Tower is _______ building in Chicago.
  • taller
  • the more tall
  • the tallest
  • taller and taller

Give the correct form of superlative.
That was an EASY exercise. 

=> That was the exercise of the test.

Give the correct form of superlative.
That was a DIFFICULT exercise. 

=> That was the exercise of the test.

Susan is the _____ of the three girls.

  • prettier
  • prettiest
  • pretty
  • prettily

You _____ help me, but you can if you want to.

  • don’t have to
  • didn’t need to
  • mustn’t
  • haven’t to
You _____ to do your project now if you don’t want to.
  • mustn't have
  • don't have
  • shouldn't
  • musn't

You can't take your bags into the museum. You _____ leave them here.

  • don't have to
  • have to

My dad _____ stay in hospital today and tomorrow. He can come out on Monday.

  • doesn't have to
  • has to

We have _____ lakes in the countryside.

  • any
  • a lot
  • lots of
  • much

A: I haven't got _____ money.

B: Don't worry. I can lend you some.

  • many
  • much

Complete the conversation.

A: Would you like some soup?

B: Yes, please.

A: And some bread?

B: Yes, please. The soup is lovely! What's in it? 

A: Meat, of course, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic and herbs.

B: How meat do you need for it? 

A: About half a kilo.

B: And how potatoes and tomatoes? 

A: Not . Just two potatoes and five or six tomatoes. 

B: I can taste a bit of lemon. 

A: Yes, I usually put some lemon juice in, but not .

B: Do you put herbs in?

A: No. Just a bit of oregano and thyme. 

B: Well, I love it!

A: Good! ?

B: No, thanks! It's wonderful, but I'm afraid I can't eat any .

Right now, Jim _____ the newspaper and Kathy _____ dinner.
  • reads / has cooked
  • is reading / is cooking
  • has read / was cooking
  • read / will be cooking

Don't make a noise. My mother _____ with her friends.

  • is talking
  • talks
  • was talking
  • talked

Choose the underlined part which needs correction.

What book are you read? - I'm reading "The Legend of Sword Lake".

  • What
  • are
  • read
  • I'm

Write a meaningful sentence using the given words.

you/ do/ the housework/ at the moment?

Make a complete sentence using the given words.

Why/ you/ listen/ to music/ so loudly/ now?

Complete the first conditional sentence.

If we (be) late, they (not wait) for us.

Make a complete first conditional sentence using the given words. Change the form of the words or add other words if necessary.

If / it / rain, / westayat home.

=> ..........

Give the correct form of the verb in the brackets.

Masako will stay in bed tomorrow if she (not / feel) well.


Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

If you learn English every day, your English would be better.

  • learn
  • every day
  • your English
  • would be

Rearrange the words in a correct order to make a complete sentence (kéo từng từ/cụm từ về vị trí đúng để tạo thành câu hoàn chỉnh).